Positive developments these few weeks

As always, we don’t always update on a daily basis, but we try to update positive news every now and then with regards to developments in the blockchain industry as well as with the BTQ project. The past few weeks, we have engaged another advisor in Jared Polites, met up with other startups who are keen to work with us to form a strategic collaboration and also continue to update our internal roadmap (which we will make public this march).

We are pretty psyche up with our roadmap and we are certain you will too! When we mention BTQ is for the masses, it’s for the small traders who wants to go cashless and expand their customer base to a wider audience via the eco system.

Just to keep you updated and refreshed with our latest developments, here’s the products within the BTQ Eco System. Hodlers of our BQH coins should be VERY VERY EXCITED when you see the array of products that’s READY to be deployed and the products that we are developing.

So let’s take a walk shall we?

  • BTQ User App

    This is where it all started. Our 1st baby product. The user app is just an app that will enable you to place orders/make payments and shop with merchants that’s using our BTQ POS APP or API. With this user app, you can make payments using our digital currency which is BQCash. If everything works out, you can even hail a ride from the BTQ User App while you shop. It’s your personal MOBILE shopping mall complete with ride hailing capabilities.Status: Basic App Ready To Be Deployed. Going Live In March (Date to be confirmed)

  • BTQ Merchant App (POS APP)

    This is our basic POS APP for small traders and home business owners. It’s designed for those businesses who just needs a simple POS App for their daily transactions. It’s designed to receive orders from the BTQ User App and it’s also capable of receiving orders from ‘Walk-in’ Customers. With it’s capabilities to accept payments via crypto, we are also developing an open source API so other aspiring developers can develop their own version of POS App and use our API to plugin to their platform. This will enable their POS software to accept crypto payments as well.Status: Basic App Ready To Be Deployed. Going Live In March (Date to be confirmed) API is still in development.

  • BTQ Ewallet

    Our Ewallet is designed to hold our BQCash tokens. It will have the normal functionalities of any crypto ewallets with send, receive, QR Code for sending & receiving, public key, private key and public ledger. We also add in ‘fingerprint’ scanner to access the BTQ Ewallet. Future plans include the functionality of receiving other forms of currencies and it’ll convert into BQCash within the app without the need of going through a 3rd party exchange.Status: Basic Ewallet App Ready To Be Deployed. Going Live In March (Date to be confirmed) Future functionalities will be advised on an ETD (Estimated Time of Deployment)

  • BQCash Coin

    Currently we are using BQCash Token, ERC-20 Compliant token based on Ethereum network. However, we are also developing our own blockchain where we will focus on lowering the transaction fees significantly and at the same time the speed of transaction. Development works have just started on the new blockchain and we aim to achieve transaction speeds of at least 400,000 transactions p/sec in our new blockchain. Once this is deployed and goes LIVE, hodlers of our BQCash Tokens can exchange with our new BQX Coin. We are very excited with this project and are aggressively working on this. We don’t have a name for it yet though. Maybe you can suggest to us? :DStatus: Development just started. Expected to go live in 2019. While ‘waiting’, BTQ Eco System will be using BQCash Token as a means to transact.

  • BTQ API Plugin

    This plugin is designed so that existing POS Software developers can use our API to accept crypto payments in their platform. It’s also easier for merchants to accept a crypto payment via their existing POS, rather than migrating to new hardware which can potentially be disastrous for operations. At the same time, POS Software developers can then have a higher retention rate on their existing merchants.

So there you have it. 5 products. 3 of it ready to go LIVE. We are still adding things to our whitepaper which is why it is STILL not live yet. We do things abit out of the ordinary. We don’t believe in getting funding for just an IDEA. We ensure the idea has already turned into a working prototype only THEN we source out for funding.

Which is why we will be pushing our ICO to April 2nd. Our Pre-ICO Token sale is still on-going though so if you guys are keen to get some, do drop us a mail at or join our telegram group here.

See you guys soon!

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