NBCCA – National Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Community Association

Gotta update a few things today. It’s been a hectic start to 2018 for us here at Yureka Studios & Appvolution. We got an ICO Advisor on board, we got ourselves involved in a few initiatives. We even started a new ‘Association’ here in Malaysia aptly named ‘National Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Community Association’. It’s a handful, we know. But who cares right? Just use #NBCCA for short. Haha

So we registered NBCCA 2 weeks back and today the approval finally went through!

It’s a major step for us towards planning a proper infrastructure for the blockchain community here in Malaysia. Considering there’s a lot of scams and ponzi schemes sprouting everywhere, we feel that legit platforms (like ourselves) will have a hard time convincing people to adopt our apps to be used in their daily lives.

Which is why NBCCA was registered as a point of contact for us to build awareness on blockchain tech, at the same time be a voice for the crypto community pertaining to government policies.

Not only that, with NBCCA we intend to develop blockchain developers and research more into blockchain tech and how it can applied across the board. Of course right in the centre of it all will be our BQCash token and BTQ Eco System.

We are working hard as a team to make sure BTQ becomes a HUGE success and that mass adoption by the public to use our tokens as a means of transaction to pay for their goods and services.

Till the next update from us!

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