BQCash Token Is Live!

Thank you for dropping by! This is our official announcement that the BQCash (BQH) Token is now LIVE!

What is the BQCash token used for?

  1. Basically it’ll be the token that will be used in our BTQ Eco System.
  2. Any merchant who downloads our Merchant App will be able to receive payments using BQCash Token, cash, credit & debit.
  3. It is a token that’s designed for mass adoption of crypto payments by the general public globally.

What IS BTQ Eco System?

  1. BTQ Eco System is a complete e-commerce eco system which we have developed and will be launched in March 2018. It will be made up of 3 segments, mainly the BTQ Merchant App (POS APP), the BTQ User App & Ewallet and lastly the BQCash tokens as our digital currency.
  2. BTQ Eco System will be launched in March 2018, in Malaysia & Singapore.
  3. It will encourage mass adoption of digital currency as part of users daily transaction.
  4. The BTQ Merchant APP is flexible enough to be used as a merchant app for businesses from all categories. If you are the owner of a cafe, you can begin to accept BQCash payments. If you own a boutique, you can start to accept BQCash payments. If you own a burger stall, you can start to accept BQCash payment. If you own a used car business, you can also accept BQCash payments.
  5. The BTQ Merchant APP is also designed to accept cash payments & debit/credit payments. Therefore by using our Merchant APP, you are not shutting out your existing customers, instead you are opening up to NEW customers who wants to transact using blockchain.

Facts of BTQ & BQCash

  1. At present, we will be launching our ICO in March 2018. Currently we have started our Pre-Token Sale and it will carry on till 1/3/2018.
  2. Hardcap for token sale: 100 million BQH
  3. Softcap for token sale: 20 million BQH
  4. Access to a database of 10,000 ready merchants in Malaysia & Singapore
  5. Developed & managed by a team of 12 individuals who have diverse background in Fintech, App development, Blockchain, Server security, Marketing & Business management.
  6. Premined 10 Billion BQCash Tokens
  7. BQCash Token is an ERC20 compliant token
  8. Symbol: BQH

BQCash Token Allocations:

  • 60 Million for the 2 founders (30 million each)
  • 150 Million for marketing & merchant development
  • 100 Million for the team & advisors
  • 100 Million for ICO
  • Balance is for Public usage within the BTQ Eco System

We have a vision of blockchain being adapted in our daily lives. A vision where the average user shops, dines and makes payment for everything using his/her digital currency. We are not about getting too technical with our users. We want the Eco System, the BQCash token to be widely accepted by any merchant that uses our BTQ Merchant App.

Our logic is simple, if there are a lot of merchants, there will always be users who will adapt slowly to crypto payments. Which is why we developed our POS Merchant App that enables merchants to accept payments via Cash/credit/debit & BQCash.

The more merchants who downloads and use our POS App, the more avenues for users to spend their BQCash. If a merchant who runs a handphone shop uses our Merchant app, our users can then make payments using BQCash. If a merchant who runs a secretarial service uses our POS App, their clients can then make payments using BQCash.

As the POS App is easily downloaded & setup, we are not just targetting established merchants, but also new small online businesses who are looking to ensure their cashflow is well tracked.

We want our Merchant App to be:

  1. Easily downloaded
  2. Easily deployed anywhere in the world with an internet coverage
  3. Easy to setup their account and ewallet

Keeping these factors in mind, we are positive that our POS Merchant App will be adapted by a lot of merchants. Our strategic partnership with Entrepreneur organisation like SMCCI (Singapore Malay Chamber Of Commerce & Industry) and Dewan Perniagaan Melayu Malaysia (DPMM, equivalent to Singapore’s SMCCI) will boost our merchant app usage in Singapore & Malaysia.

Moving forward, we aim to establish more strategic partnerships who are interested to work with us on our Smart Town Initiative in 2019, where we will be working on getting a whole town to use & transact 100% using the BTQ Eco System.

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