BTQ Latest Updates and Progress

It’s been a very very busy few weeks for the development team as well as the management team. Both have their roles to accomplish before the year ends. So, let us give you an update on the progress that we’ve made so far.

  • Full working prototype is ready for demonstration purposes. You can order from the BTQ User App and it’ll reflect on the BTQ POS App. Merchants can accept orders for cash payments. Credit/debit & Crypto payments are still in development mode. Will be incorporating the 2 payment methods soon. Expected timeframe 3 weeks.
  • BQCash Tokens are deployed on test net. Yes, all planned 10 Billion BQCash Tokens are now being tested on test net to make sure all smart contract features are working fine.
  • BTQ Ewallet within the BTQ User App is also ready for demonstration. Security features include 6 digit pin, fingerprint scanner and also offline security mechanism (in case you lost your handphone or account is compromised)

That’s the update we have so far for development. 🙂

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